• The environment is very important to us, so we use for example biological pesticides (insects that eat other harmful insects). In this way we can limit the use of chemical agents, so that growth will not be slowed down and we can expect an optimal growth development. Both our employees and our end customers can enjoy a ‘clean' rose, which will benefit the flowering of the roses.

    We have a permanent team of employees so that we can cut down the risk of outside infections. We also ask all our visitors to put on a new white overall to avoid the spread of any diseases.

    Because we use such modern methods in our business, we are able to collect the toxic water for the roses after use. The water is disinfected to remove any potential bacteria and viruses. The water can then be given back to the roses together with fresh nutrients. This method allows the water to re-circulate, which is good for the environment, ecause a great amount of the fertilizers return to the surface water.

    Because we use such high lighting levels, it is vital that we use energy effectively. Our electricity supply is produced by a combined heat and power generator (CHP), and 100% of the heat is used. We do this by working together with an adjacent company. This means we are conducting optimal energy management.