• Our customers want dependability and for us, that starts in the greenhouse. This is why we keep our eye on the harvesting at all times. The roses must not be damaged during the harvesting. The roses must be placed in cold, clean water as soon as they are harvested, because this water affects their storage life. When we talk about quality, we include: uniform maturity, no damaged blooms, and no damage resulting from, for example, diseases and fungal infections (mildew, botrytis).

    It is very important for our clients that we are able to deliver a daily supply for sale at auction. We deliver the following lengths: 90 cm, 80 cm, 70 cm, 60 cm and 50 cm. We supply these lengths in 3 different quality grades: A1, A2 and B1.

    In order to preserve top quality, tests are carried out to check the levels of perishability. These tests are carried out by the independent TCA (Test Centrum Aalsmeer), where roses are inspected for freshness and show-quality. We use the results to see where we can make any improvements, which helps in our forward planning. This ensures a good and reliable product.